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About AMK Photography

Hi, I’m Amanda Marie Kellen–owner of AMK Photography!


I am based in Isanti County, MN, but I love traveling all over Minnesota to shoot! Photography has been a long time love of mine. When I was really young, I just started capturing things I would see everyday but always tried to put my own creative take on it. In high school, I would take pictures on 35mm film and develop it all on my own. I continued with film and digital during college as I practiced many different types of photography. Over the years, I fell more in love with art and photography.


After obtaining my Associates Degree of Applied Science in Photography and years of training in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, I now enjoy applying my experience and qualifications to my business AMK Photography to capture people’s beautiful moments and memories through my lens. 


A Little More About Me

In case you were wondering, I may have a slight obsession with house plants. In fact, I have over 50 in my home right now. I have a pet bunny named Nilla, who is simply a cute ball of fluff and an English Setter named Vader. I absolutely love to travel–in and outside of Minnesota. I also thrive in the outdoors and a day spent walking in the trees is basically a day spent in heaven for me. Oh and as you can imagine, I have a passion for photography and capturing memories through my lens.


I cannot wait to learn more about you!

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"The quality of the pictures were beautiful and I will definitely be using her again!"

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